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Daisy Duck (Picture 2)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Daisy Duck Cartoon Picture 2
Daisy Duck Cartoon Picture 2
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Daisy Duck (Picture 2). Daisy Duck cartoon images gallery 2. Daisy Duck cartoon pictures collection 2. We all know Daisy Duck as Donald Duck’s Girlfriend. Daisy Duck made her debut in 1937 as Donna Duck in the cartoon ‘Don Donald.,’ She however became known as Daisy in her very next show in ‘Mr Duck Steps Out’ in 1940. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck have been a couple ever since. She is constantly trying to correct Donald’s speech defects and bad behavior. She is sometimes her own worst enemy when she sabotages her dreams of a ‘changed Donald.’ It is believed that Daisy Duck was born in 1920 in Duckburg. Not much is known about her family tree, but we know of two aunts, Matilda and Drusilla. Daisy also has an unamed sister, who is the mother of her three nieces April, May and June. Her brother is the father of Huey, Dewey and Louie. It is believed that Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck grew up as best friends, as depicted in later cartoons. Daisy Duck (Picture 2). Daisy Duck cartoon images gallery 2. Daisy Duck cartoon pictures collection 2. They remain close and often feature together along with the rest of the gang, including Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. After her debut, Daisy Duck went on to make 14 film appearances. Her three nieces, April, May and June made their debut in 1957. Daisy Duck is best known for her determined heart, the sassy sashay in her walk and those flirtatiously long eyelashes. Daisy is the mistress of drama, as she can go from coy to flaming just as fast as her famous boyfriend, Donald Duck. Her favorite sayings are ‘Well I never!’ or ‘Oh Donald.’ Daisy Duck is often given the normal women stereotypes in the roles that she plays, for example bad driving, cooking and cleaning. She is also sometimes depicted as fickle, as she cannot choose between Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander. Donald Duck has a lot of competition for Daisy with his cousin Gladstone. Daisy’s favorite sayings are ‘Oh, Donald….’ and ‘Well, I never!’ Daisy Duck is very involved with the ladies club in Duckburg. In ‘A Christmas For Shacktown, her ladies club arranges a Christmas party for the poorest children in Duckburg. She is also a member of a local gossip group called the Chit-Chat Society. They spend their time playing bridge and sponsoring charity fund-raisers. In the 1970’s Daisy also became a crime fighter. The character of Super Daisy was designed as a female counter-part to Super Donald. This still didn’t stop Donald from coming off second best. Daisy Duck (Picture 2). Daisy Duck cartoon images gallery 2. Daisy Duck cartoon pictures collection 2.
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