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Chicken Run (Picture 4)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chicken Run Cartoon Picture 4
Chicken Run Cartoon Picture 4
image dimensions : 500 x 375
Chicken Run (Picture 4). Chicken Run cartoon images gallery 4. Chicken Run cartoon pictures collection 4. The next day, Ginger finds Rocky has fled, leaving behind the medal and a part of a poster that explains that he was a circus act, only "flying" over the land after being launched out of a cannon. He felt too ashamed to say it and leaves, afraid of how everyone will react. Ginger and the other chickens lose hope of escape. They wonder what was the real reason he left was, which leads to a huge brawl in the mud, until Ginger finds out that Fowler was once an honorary member of the Royal Air Force. With Fowler's knowledge, and with the nervous and scientist-style Mac's aeronautical engineering, they begin working hastily to create a flying machine pedal-powered by the chickens themselves, in secret from Mr. Tweedy, who has become suspicious of the chickens' ingenuity because of the rats sneaking around in gnome statues. The craft is completed even as the repairs on the pie-making machine are completed. As Mr. Tweedy attempts to grab the chickens, he is restrained by the attacking chickens and 'hidden' under one of the coops. The chickens quickly assemble their plane and attempt to take off, despite Mr. Tweedy's attempt to stop them. Mrs. Tweedy hears the commotion outside and arrives armed with her earlier-used hatchet, attempting to stop the plane from flying by attacking Ginger. However, Rocky's return results in her almost getting killed when her hatchet falls out of her hands and lands within inches of her neck; she faints. Chicken Run (Picture 4). Chicken Run cartoon images gallery 4. Chicken Run cartoon pictures collection 4. Rocky and Ginger continue to enable the escape by righting the chickens' makeshift launching ramp (which Mr. Tweedy had knocked down moments earlier), succeed in doing so, and grab onto a string of Christmas lights unceremoniously trailing from the craft. But Mrs. Tweedy (recovered from her shock) is able to grab onto the string of lights before it takes off. Ginger attempts to sever the bond to detach Mrs. Tweedy because, in addition to her threat, her weight is too much for the chickens to keep the plane airborne. She manages to trick Mrs. Tweedy into cutting the light string with her hatchet, just barely escaping death in the process. This causes Mrs. Tweedy to fall right into a vent on the pie-making machine; the machine explodes in a mushroom cloud of gravy as Mrs Tweedy had increased the pressure to maximum speed, destroying the Tweedy's barn and leaving just the door standing. Mr. Tweedy reminds his irate wife that he had warned her about the chickens being organized. Mrs. Tweedy growls at him in fury, but is cut short when the door comes down on top of her before she can react (possibly pushed by Mr. Tweedy). Rocky, Ginger, and the other chickens celebrate as they fly off. At the end of the film, the chickens have found themselves a protected bird sanctuary in which to live and raise their chicks, with Rocky and Ginger having become a couple. As the credits roll, Nick and Fetcher discuss their plan to open their own chicken farm for eggs leading to the the chicken and the egg theory. One becomes confused, and the credits roll. In a scene during the credits, Nick and Fetcher continue to argue about the theory, but are interrupted by Rocky telling them to be a little quieter. They apologize, but silently insult him and criticise him for his supposed "big shot" personality, proclaiming themselves to be the movie's stars. Chicken Run (Picture 4). Chicken Run cartoon images gallery 4. Chicken Run cartoon pictures collection 4.
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