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Chicken Run (Picture 2)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chicken Run Cartoon Picture 2
Chicken Run Cartoon Picture 2
image dimensions : 502 x 376
Chicken Run (Picture 2). Chicken Run cartoon images gallery 2. Chicken Run cartoon pictures collection 2. The Tweedys are a grumpy middle-aged couple who run a chicken farm in Yorkshire, England, in the manner of a World War II prisoner of war camp. One chicken, Ginger, continually tries to get the chickens (including her best friends Babs and Bunty) to escape from the coop using various plans and contraband obtained from two rats, Nick and Fetcher. The story begins during Ginger's (unsuccessful) attempt at going under the fence. But Ginger is always caught by Mr. Tweedy and his dogs, and while she is kept in solitary confinement in the Coal shed, she comes to realize their only hope of escape is to go over the coop's fence. After Mrs. Tweedy finds out that one of the chickens, Edwina, has laid no eggs, Mrs. Tweedy kills her with a hatchet. Ginger tells Nick and Fetcher to find parts for a catapult, but Nick and Fetcher are tired of being paid with chicken food and want her to give them eggs in exchange instead. Mrs. Tweedy, struggling to keep the farm financially viable on dwindling egg production (" I'm sick and tired of making minuscule profits"), notices a magazine advertising poultry products; she decides to convert the farm from egg production to chicken pies, and orders a giant pie-making machine. Mr. Tweedy believes the chickens are organising a big escape, but Mrs. Tweedy dismisses the idea as a ridiculous notion and does so in a rude, domineering manner. While the Tweedys await delivery, Ginger tries to keep the chickens' hopes up, but Bunty, a champion egg layer, says that their chances of escaping are a million to one. To this, Ginger responds, Chicken Run (Picture 2). Chicken Run cartoon images gallery 2. Chicken Run cartoon pictures collection 2. "Then there's still a chance." Outside her hut, she cries to herself, wondering why she's trying to lead the chickens and prays for help. An explosion sounds, and a Rhode Island Red rooster named Rocky Rhodes appears to "fly" into the coop, though damaging his wing on landing after crashing into a weather vane and power lines and finally the chicken feed box (the box sprains his wing). While the other hens fawn over him, Ginger convinces Rocky to help teach them how to fly. Fowler, an elderly rooster, doesn't like Rocky as he views all Americans as selfish people (a possible reference to Americans refusing to fight in World War 2 until the Pearl Harbor bombing). Rocky plays for time by putting the chickens through seemingly-futile training exercises while he tends to his injured wing. At the same time, the Tweedys provide the chickens with more food in order to make them plumper for their pies. Ginger tells them that they're going to be killed with Rocky telling her that if the chickens expect to escape, then they have to remain motivated, but Ginger doesn't see it that way. To prove what he meant, Rocky has Nick and Fetcher bring a radio so that he and the chickens can have a party. Bunty, ironically, is the first to go with the music, followed by Babs, a chicken who is known to knit, and then the rest of the clan. When the pie-making machine soon is completed, Mr. Tweedy is asked to get a chicken for the machine's demonstrations, Mr. Tweedy attempts to put Ginger through the machine, despite his wife saying to keep his suspicions about the chickens in his head. But she is saved by Rocky, and they are able to disable the machine by increasing the gravy pressure with a carrot and jamming some gears with a wrench, giving themselves some more time while Mr. Tweedy tends to its repair. Back at the huts, Rocky gains Fowler's respect and a medal for bravery. Chicken Run (Picture 2). Chicken Run cartoon images gallery 2. Chicken Run cartoon pictures collection 2.
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