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Tweety Bird (Picture 4)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tweety Bird 4
Tweety Bird (Picture 4)
Tweety Bird cartoon images gallery 4. Tweety Bird cartoon pictures collection 4.
Clampett began work on a short that would pit Tweety against a then-unnamed, lisping black and white cat created by Friz Freleng in 1945. However, Clampett left the studio before going into full production on the short, and Freleng took on the project. Freleng toned Tweety down and gave him a cuter appearance, including large blue eyes and yellow feathers. Clampett mentions in Bugs Bunny Superstar that the feathers were added to satisfy censors who objected to the naked bird. The first short to team Tweety and the cat, later named Sylvester, was 1947's Tweetie Pie, which won Warner Bros. its first Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoons). Tweety, an innocent and lovable yellow canary, is once again teamed with his adoring caretaker, dear ol' Granny. As always, Tweety is the center of Granny's world. Unfortunately, Tweety's greatest adversary, Sylvester, would like to put an end to Tweety's world -- with one scrumptious bite. In spite of it all, Tweety Bird (Picture 4). Tweety Bird cartoon images gallery 4. Tweety Bird cartoon pictures collection 4. Tweety remains Granny's most adored and favored pet as well as her crimefighting lucky charm. Tweety always remains calm in the face of danger and is able to keep Sylvester at arms length outsmarting the foxy feline time after time. Tweety exudes trustworthy confidence and his feathers are never ruffled. He's the smartest little canary there is and often takes pity on "the poor, poor puddy tat." The Tweety & Sylvester series is among the few to become more popular after going out of regular production. Fueled by televised reruns of their old cartoons, public interest in the characters has soared, to the point where they now rival Bugs and Daffy themselves as superstars. For that reason, when Warner Bros. started its TV network and went looking for Saturday morning stars, the cat and bird were the only ones from the old crew to be featured in a new series, Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries. In this series, they, along with Granny (played voice actress June Foray, best known for her role as Rocket J. Squirrel — Foray had voiced Granny in the 1950s) and a third pet, Hector the Bulldog, solve baffling crimes. It debuted in 1995. Tweety's star continues to rise. He appeared with the rest of the Looney Tunes crew in Space Jam, and has always been big with the T-shirt and lunchbox crowd. In 1998, he and Sylvester were the subject of a U.S. postage stamp. Time will tell if he ever succeeds in ousting Bugs and Daffy from their preeminent positions, but if an innocent appearance combined with sneaky malice count for anything, he has a fighting chance. Tweety Bird (Picture 4). Tweety Bird cartoon images gallery 4. Tweety Bird cartoon pictures collection 4.
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