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Toucan Sam (Picture 2)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Toucan Sam Cartoon Picture 2
Toucan Sam Cartoon Picture 2
image dimensions : 700 x 580
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A trademark dispute has been resolved amicably between the Kellogg Co. of Battle Creek and the Maya Archaeology Initiative of the San Francisco area over the use of a toucan bird. The toucan, a colorful tropical bird with bright markings and a large bill, is used both as a symbol of the MAI and as a character known as Toucan Sam to promote Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal. Kellogg’s attorneys had asked the organization to cease using the toucan, saying the MAI’s logo was too close to its own Toucan Sam. But after discussions, Kellogg’s dropped the request. Kellogg and MAI released a joint statement today saying that Kellogg is making a $100,000 contribution to help launch one of the MAI’s priority projects to improve the lives of the Maya people in Central America. “Kellogg’s important contribution to the Maya Archaeology Initiative will help us achieve our goal of building a Maya Cultural Center in Peten (Guatemala), the cradle of Maya history, so children, families and visitors can learn about the Maya and their rich heritage,” said MAI President Dr. Francisco Estrada-Belli. “We are grateful to Kellogg for joining us in these efforts.” “We are pleased to support the MAI in its mission to protect and extend the rich history and culture of Mayan people,” said Tim Knowlton, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Kellogg. “The Cultural Center promises to be a source of inspiration, pride and learning throughout the region.” Kellogg will also be featuring major Mayan accomplishments and a link to MAI’s website on Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal boxes next year. A series of commercials for Froot Loops followed the adventures of Toucan Sam and his nephews finding a treasure map and following it to a treasure that once belonged to a toucan pirate, Blackbeak (the name is a pun on Blackbeard). In each exploit, they reach a new destination that holds a new variety of Froot Loops, the most recent being "Golden Bars" (in reality, just 3 Yellow Froot Loops stuck in a line) They encountered him and three other pirates later on. However, the pirates were beaten by a laser Sam made out of the loops and Blackbeak was helpless. Blackbeak looks very similar to Toucan Sam. Villain #5 is the Greedy Froot Pharaoh in Egypt. A bandage was loose. A niece stomped on that and beat him. Villain #6 is the Selfish Froot Master in Japan. This karate koi ate some loops thrown by Sam and was trapped by 2 nephews in a fish bowl. Sam set off to Mexico to get some Froot Loops. But he had to get through the Greedy Witch Doctor first. The Witch doctor was tickled and fell off his temple. He let go of his magic sprinkles on the way down and Sam used those to top the Froot Loops, creating Froot Loops with Sprinkles. Toucan Sam's age is not known. Currently, the Toucan Sam campaign is produced at Pepper Films Inc. ( by director, Jean Perramon. Toucan Sam is currently voiced by Maurice LaMarche.



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