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SilverHawks (Picture 1)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SilverHawks cartoon picture 1
SilverHawks (Picture 1)
SilverHawks cartoon images gallery 1. SilverHawks cartoon pictures collection 1.
SilverHawks is an animated television series developed by Rankin/Bass and distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures in 1986. The animation was provided by Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation. In total, 65 episodes were made. It was created as a space-bound equivalent of their previous series, ThunderCats. As was the case with ThunderCats, there was also a SilverHawks comic book series published by then-Marvel Comics imprint Star Comics. Currently, Warner Bros. (who purchased Lorimar in 1989) owns the rights to the series. Your basic, average superhero, both in comics and, later, in animation, was just a guy in an ordinary setting, who wore a costume and sallied forth, when necessary, to battle crime and/or evil — Superman, who sparked the trend in comic books, was that kind of hero, as were most of his followers, from The Human Torch to The Blue Falcon, and points beyond. SilverHawks (Picture 1). SilverHawks cartoon images gallery 1. SilverHawks cartoon pictures collection 1. Then there were the ones who had a specialized setting, outside the here-and-now, which usually involved a complicated back-story and often a continuing storyline. An early example, also from Superman's publisher, was Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man. An example from animation is found in the 1986 Rankin/Bass production, Silverhawks. Rankin/Bass is the studio that's probably best known for Christmas specials starring Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, but it's also done a few superhero series such as the earlier Thundercats and the later Tigersharks (a minor segment on its 1987 show The Comic Strip, and no relation). Silverhawks was first broadcast in syndication on September 8, 1986. The back-story included humans from Earth spreading out through the cosmos to the point where travel and communication between galaxies (i.e., involving distances that would take light itself millions of years to traverse) were commonplace by the 29th century, when the series took place. A super villain named Mon-Star (who drew his awesome power from a celestial object named Moon-Star) escaped from a maximum security prison in The Limbo Galaxy and recruited a super-powered gang by taking a bunch of other criminals with him. This prompted Commander Stargazer, who had originally captured him, to send all the way back to Earth for back-up to bring him back in. There, a bunch of stalwarts were recruited, converted to cyborgs to withstand the rigors of space, and sent to help out so quickly, they arrived while still young enough to do some good. SilverHawks (Picture 1). SilverHawks cartoon images gallery 1. SilverHawks cartoon pictures collection 1.



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