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Shazzan (Picture 4)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shazzan 4
Shazzan (Picture 4)
Shazzan cartoon images gallery 4. Shazzan cartoon pictures collection 4.
Shazzan is referred to in a commercial as Shazzan, greatest of all genies. As such, he naturally shows off with all kinds of magical powers and appears able to do just about anything, from growing in size, to transforming or empowering others, or changing his own form to escaping situations commonly referred to as inescapable, to altering reality itself. This all may have made it seem like he can do anything and survive anything. However, that is not exactly the case. First of all, Shazzan is a genie, and has to be summoned with magical items. According to the common myth about genies, destroying such a magical item destroys the genie itself. Which means, if anyone destroyed the rings, Shazzan would also die. In spite of this, his many enemies never try to destroy the rings, rather they launch their attacks directly on this god-like, gigantic, immortal genie. Enemies: The Council of Doom, Kahn of the North Wind, Sorceress of the Mist, Abdar the Zodiac Master, Madragona, Mercuraad, Zahran, Magi, Queen Kolanda of Centuria, Mysterio the Mini-Magi, Zaman the Magician, Raschid, Kaballah, Makdar the Mirage Maker, Kazir, Nastrina of the Flames, Ahmed the Sky Pirate, The Black Sultan, Faleem. Shazzan (Picture 4). Shazzan cartoon images gallery 4. Shazzan cartoon pictures collection 4. Known Relatives: None known. Aliases: None known. Base of Operations: Arabia. First Appearance: Shazzan (Hanna-Barbera for CBS, September 9, 1967). Powers/Abilities: Shazzan is sixty foot tall, and thus possessed with incredible strength. However his true power lies in his magical abilities; as a genie he can do virtually anything. History: Chuck and Nancy are American teenagers living in Maine. Investigating a cave on the coast, they come across a chest containing two halves of a magical ring. Putting the parts back together they can read a word engraved on it: Shazzan. Saying this word, the two find themselves transported through time and space to ancient Arabia, where they encounter the genie Shazzan, whose name they have invoked. He explains that he will come to serve them whenever he is invoked, but that he cannot return them home until his ring is given back to its rightful owner. To aid them on this quest he gives them a magical flying camel called Kaboobie, as well as giving Chuck a magic belt and rope. Comments: Created by Alex Toth. Shazzan was voiced by Barney Phillips. The show ran 36 episodes. Shazzan got to team up with Space Ghost in the second season of that worthy's show. This was part of a several episode saga designed to use Space Ghost's established popularity to showcase a number of new Hanna-Barbera characters. Shazzan got to turn up in the Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes comic from Gold Key, and returned to the medium for an issue of DC Comics' Cartoon Network Presents in 1998. Shazzan (Picture 4). Shazzan cartoon images gallery 4. Shazzan cartoon pictures collection 4.



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