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Li’l Abner (Picture 2)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Li’l Abner 2
Li’l Abner (Cartoon Picture 2)
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Li’l Abner (Picture 2)
Li’l Abner cartoon images gallery 2. Li’l Abner cartoon pictures collection 2.
Yes, I remember the movie, and my school did a stage production of it (it had been a Broadway play), and I was in it ... Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale, the scientist who was responsible for the physical change in the husbands. It was a lot of fun, but I didn't catch the movie until many years later, on TV. Daisy Mae (née Scragg) Yokum: Beautiful Daisy Mae was hopelessly in love with Dogpatch's most prominent resident throughout the entire 43-year run of Al Capp's comic strip. During most of the epic, the impossibly dense Abner exhibited little romantic interest in her voluptuous charms, (much of it visible daily thanks to her famous polka-dot peasant blouse and cropped skirt). In 1952, Abner reluctantly proposed to Daisy to emulate the engagement of his comic strip "ideel", Fearless Fosdick. Fosdick's own wedding to longtime fiancée Prudence Pimpleton turned out to be a dream, but Abner and Daisy's ceremony, performed by Marryin' Sam, was permanent. Once married, Abner became relatively domesticated. Li’l Abner (Picture 2). Li’l Abner cartoon images gallery 2. Li’l Abner cartoon pictures collection 2. Like Mammy Yokum and other "wimmenfolk" in Dogpatch, Daisy Mae did all the work, domestic and otherwise, while the useless menfolk generally did nothing whatsoever. Mammy Yokum: Born Pansy Hunks, Mammy was the scrawny, highly principled "sassiety" leader and bare knuckle "champeen" of the town of Dogpatch. She married the inconsequential Pappy Yokum in 1902; they produced two strapping sons twice their own size. Mammy dominated the Yokum clan through the force of her personality, and dominated everyone else with her fearsome right uppercut (sometimes known as her "Goodnight, Irene" punch), which helped her uphold law, order and decency. She was consistently the toughest character throughout Li'l Abner. A superhuman dynamo, Mammy did all the household chores—and provided her charges with no fewer than eight meals a day of "po'k chops" and "tarnips" (as well as local Dogpatch delicacies—like "candied catfish eyeballs" and "trashbean soup"). Her authority was unquestioned, and her characteristic phrase, "Ah has spoken!" signaled the end of all further discussion. Her most famous phrase, however, was "Good is better than evil becuz it's nicer." (Upon his retirement in 1977, Capp declared Mammy to be his personal favorite of all his characters.) Li’l Abner (Picture 2). Li’l Abner cartoon images gallery 2. Li’l Abner cartoon pictures collection 2.



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