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Jughead Jones (Picture 4)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jughead Jones 4
Jughead Jones (Picture 4)
Jughead Jones cartoon images gallery 4. Jughead Jones cartoon pictures collection 4.
Jughead is known for his ability to consume unusually high amounts of food in a single sitting without falling sick or gaining weight, though he sometimes sports a potbelly after particularly large meals. Jughead is also a preferred customer of most of Riverdale's food establishments, especially Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe, except when he is unable to pay his tabs. In one story, he was given a "Restaurant Club Card," and ate out on high-class foods. However, when he found out how much interest the card charged, Pop Tate loaned him the money on the condition that he eats only at the Chocklit Shop. His love of food has given him heightened senses. He can identify food in a can by smell without opening it, and his taste buds can detect the slightest flaws in prepared food. As such, he is a respected food critic, as well as a gourmet cook himself. Once, when he dabbled in creative writing and sought out Miss Grundy's help as he tried several genres, Grundy's advice was to write about what he knew. The result was his "Forsythe P. Jones Cookbook." In another story, Betty asked Jughead to give the owner of the ice cream shop where she worked at some pointers on how to improve the shop's products. Jughead Jones (Picture 4). Jughead Jones cartoon images gallery 4. Jughead Jones cartoon pictures collection 4. Jughead’s ability to eat so much without gaining weight is attributed to a very rare and realistically implausible metabolism. One reference to this was in one issue, in which a gym hired him to show people how to stay as fit as he was. Unfortunately, his metabolism proved to be unique, so everyone else at the gym simply gained weight. Jughead once claimed that he weighed 300 pounds after a meal. Jughead frequently participates in eating contests. Once, students from an adjacent town's high school challenged Riverdale to an eating contest, pitting their chubby undefeated champion against Jughead. Jughead handily beat the other guy, with room for more food. In a citywide eating contest, he had to eat a colossal burger made up of sixteen different burgers. Jughead also set two world records for eating pizza; one for speed-eating a pizza, and one for eating the most pizzas in one sitting—twelve. His appetite is so large that even if he eats before such contests, he is rarely too full to compete. For example, Riverdale’s rival high school once sent a girl, Jane Dough, to go take Jughead to various restaurants and feed him as much as possible. Amazingly, Jughead still managed to win the contest. Jughead explained to her that top athletes need to constantly train in order to stay in shape, and so the girl from the rival school was actually helping him "train" for the eating contest when they went out. Jughead Jones (Picture 4). Jughead Jones cartoon images gallery 4. Jughead Jones cartoon pictures collection 4.



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