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Postman Pat (Picture 4)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Postman Pat Cartoon Picture 4
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With his new and demanding job as Head of the Special Delivery Service, it’s Postman Pat as you’ve never seen him before. This well-deserved promotion means that Postman Pat will now be called on by the SDS to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere! With his faithful companion Jess the Cat, Pat proves that he can be relied on to deliver… on time, every time! Postman Pat Cartoon Picture 4 SDS features an expanded and diverse cast, new vehicles and the new bustling town of Pencaster. Whilst Postman Pat SDS has a lot of new features, the essence of the programme remains the same. Many of the much-loved characters from the original series remain as Pat commutes between Greendale and the new town of Pencaster. Building on the heritage and integrity of the original series, Postman Pat SDS continues to teach children the same values and lessons, whilst injecting high energy action, laughter and fun to resonate with children and adults of today. Now, the first feature-film for Postman Pat is in production, due to hit cinemas Spring 2013 and featuring an array of celebrity voice talent including Episodes’ Stephen Mangan, Academy Award® Winner Jim Broadbent, Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and Doctor Who’s David Tennant. Postman Pat Cartoon Picture 4. Along with Fireman Sam, Rosie and Jim and Pingu, this was a show I used to watch a lot when I was little. How I miss it. The look of the show is great, the theme song is enough to make you sing along, the characters are really endearing(I remember loving Jess, the adorable black and white cat most of all) and the story lines are simple and fun. Add some nice writing, thoughtful narration and the show's nostalgic value for me and you have a simply great show. It wasn't predictable at all, the length was just right as was the pacing and it was just great show really. Nothing else really to say other than a well deserved 9/10 Bethany Cox. I can't believe there's only one comment on this show on here! This show was an essential part of my childhood and it's still great today, hence why me and my friends made our own episode. I'm not to sure about the 2004 series with Comedy Jess, but the original Series was great! The series for those who don't know follows the 'adventures' of Britain, if not the world's favourite postman and his black and white cat Jess. Many tried to imitate it in later years like Fireman Sam, but although good, that couldn't match Pat, in fact that's a good idea for a 1 on 1 beat-em-up featuring: Portland Bill Postman Pat Fireman Sam & Bertha. Postman Pat Cartoon Picture 4
Postman Pat (Picture 4)
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