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Oscar’s Oasis (Picture 3)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oscar's Oasis cartoon picture 3
Oscar's Oasis cartoon picture 3
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Oscar’s Oasis (Picture 3)
3. Oscar’s Oasis cartoon character in action. 3. Oscar’s Oasis cartoon animation history.
Leading kids’ entertainment specialist, CAKE has bolstered its relationship with The Walt Disney Company’s television group following strong sales of two key programmes to Disney Channels. Oscar’s Oasis, a 78×7’ 3D cartoon comedy has been picked up by Disney XD in India, Japan and Benelux and by Disney Channel in Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. CAKE has also secured sales for Poppy Cat, a 52×11’ preschool series, to Disney Junior in Spain and Latin America. Oscar’s Oasis, a co-production between Tuba Entertainment, TeamTO and CAKE, is a high-octane 3D cartoon comedy for six-to-11 year olds. The series follows desert-dwelling lizard hero Oscar on his adventures to find food and water, but he is not alone. Popy, Buck and Harchi, the blundering bane of Oscar’s existence, are never too far behind.
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