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Dennis The Menace (Picture 4)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dennis The Menace Cartoon Picture 4
Dennis The Menace Cartoon Picture 4
image dimensions : 551 x 423
Dennis The Menace (Picture 4). Dennis The Menace cartoon images gallery 4. Dennis The Menace cartoon pictures collection 4. The main comic book series (simply named Dennis the Menace) ran in tandem with the “Giant” series. The Dennis the Menace Giant Vacation Special and Dennis the Menace Christmas Issue were published by Standard in 1955. Those issues inaugurated the Giants series, which was published by Pines for issues 2-6, and continued by Hallden/Fawcett for issues 6-75. The Giant series was later renamed the Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series, which started with issue #76 in 1970. CBS and Hallden later retitled the series as The Dennis the Menace Big Bonus Series, which it ran through issue #194 in October 1979. By October 1979, Fawcett began publishing a separate series of 36 issues entitled Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson. By the second issue, the Dennis and Mr. Wilson series was re-christened Dennis the Menace and His Friends which now involved Dennis, Mr. Wilson and friends, Joey, Margaret and dog, Ruff. Because of this, the Mr. Wilson stories were alternated with the three characters as Ruff, Joey and Margaret who each shared a #1 issue with Dennis. There were also other series of Dennis the Menace comic books published in 1961, first there was Dennis the Menace and His Dog, Ruff and Dennis the Menace and His Pal, Joey published the summer and the last but not least was Dennis the Menace and Margaret published in the winter of 1969. In 1972, as part of a bonus magazine series Fawcett published a "Short Stuff Special" where Dennis visited Children's Fairyland in Oakland, California. Dennis the Menace has been the subject of a number of adaptations. The first and perhaps most well known was a CBS sitcom that aired from 1959 to 1963 starring Jay North as Dennis, Joseph Kearns as George Wilson, and subsequently Gale Gordon as his brother, John Wilson. North also appeared as Dennis on an episode of The Donna Reed Show in 1960. A live-action film starring Walter Matthau as Mr. Wilson and Mason Gamble as Dennis was released to theaters in 1993. It was originally titled "The Real Dennis the Menace" before the final name was approved. This was followed with Dennis the Menace Strikes Again in 1998 starring Don Rickles as Mr. Wilson.



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