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Astro Boy (Picture 3)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Astro Boy cartoon picture 3
Astro Boy cartoon picture 3
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
Astro Boy (Picture 3). Astro Boy cartoon images gallery 3. Astro Boy cartoon pictures collection 3. The English-language version of "Astro Boy" is an adaptation of the Akita Shoten collection. The artwork was flipped so the books would read left to right, as how the English language reads. Frederik L. Schodt wrote the English-language version of "Astro Boy". For most characters, he used the original Japanese names. The story was set in Japan with Japanese characters and Schodt believed that it was necessary to retain the Japanese names whenever possible. Schodt translated the nickname "Higeoyaji" to "Mr. Mustachio," as it is a nickname. Schodt decided to use Astro Boy's English name. He explained that "Astro" is close to the Japanese name, "Atom": an English word. In addition, Schodt believed that using "Atom" in an American edition of the story would be "going against too much history." Occasionally, names of Japanese characters had double meanings that were impossible to convey in the English-language translation. Schodt decided that keeping the sound of the names was important, especially when the names were famous. In those cases, Schodt tried to use the double meaning elsewhere in the translation. Astro Boy (Picture 3).Astro Boy cartoon images gallery 3. Astro Boy cartoon pictures collection 3. When dealing with minor foreign characters with humorous-sounding names, Schodt tried to find equivalent English puns wherever he felt it was possible. The editors of the English-language "Astro Boy" comic did not remove content that could be perceived to be racially insensitive. Some content in the "Astro Boy" series depicts foreign people, such as people from Africa and Southeast Asia. The editors of the English volumes explained that in instances the people may be portrayed differently than how they actually were in the year 2002 in real life (the year of publication of the English version). The editors added that some portrayals may show them from an era from a long time in the past, or may show them to be from very undeveloped lands. The editors said that some readers may feel that the portrayals contribute to racial discrimination, especially against people of African descent. The editors explained that while this was not Tezuka's intent, the editors believed that the issue needed to be explained and addressed as some readers may feel demeaned or insulted by the depictions. The editors expressed the belief that it would be inappropriate to revise the works. The editors explained that because Tezuka was dead, there was no way to reverse what he created, and revising his works would violate his right as a creator. The editors expressed the belief that editing or stopping publication of the work would "do little" to end racial and ethnic discrimination throughout the world. Astro Boy (Picture 3). Astro Boy cartoon images gallery 3. Astro Boy cartoon pictures collection 3.
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