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Snoopy (Picture 4)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snoopy Cartoon Picture 4
Snoopy (Picture 4)
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Snoopy Cartoon Picture 4. Snoopy cartoon images gallery 4. Snoopy cartoon pictures collection 4. Snoopy is also a tennis player. He does tend to double-fault frequently, which sends him into rage-filled temper tantrums during which he screams and destroys his racket, a la John McEnroe. He has also played in mixed-doubles, usually pairing with the garage door (whose best quality as a player, according to Snoopy, is that "he never foot faults") and later teaming up with the short-tempered Molly Volley. Snoopy loves root beer and pizza, hates coconut candy, gets claustrophobia in tall weeds, and is deathly afraid of icicles dangling over his doghouse. One of his hobbies is reading Leo Tolstoy's epic novel War and Peace at the rate of "a word a day". Snoopy also has the uncanny ability to play fetch with soap bubbles, and can hear someone eating marshmallows or cookies at a distance, or even peeling a banana. Snoopy is also capable of disappearing, like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, as shown in an extended strip, whenever Charlie Brown reads the book to him. ("Grins are easy. Noses are hard. Ears are almost impossible."). Two things Snoopy dislikes are listening to balloons being squeezed and cats. Snoopy Cartoon Picture 4. Snoopy cartoon images gallery 4. Snoopy cartoon pictures collection 4. Snoopy "understands a little French and Serbo-Croatian." His dog food brand is called "For Dogs who flew in World War I and understand a little French". He later was also depicted as a sergeant in the French Foreign Legion (inspired by the film Beau Geste from 1966), with Woodstock and his avian friends as members of his patrol. He failed his high school geometry course, which was his excuse for not being able to follow a golf course's 90 degree golf cart driving rule. Snoopy has his own little dance, variously known as The Beagle, the Suppertime Dance, or simply the Happy Snoopy Dance. Most often he dances at suppertime and has broken his foot from being too excited. One strip includes a joke that he has forgotten the steps and another includes the joke that he needs new steps. One time, Charlie Brown gleefully revealed that Snoopy missed his suppertime and did his own song and dance gloating at his dog's mistake while Snoopy looked on in astonishment. Snoopy is also adept at the accordion, although his repertoire is limited to "polkas, waltzes, and schottisches", the names of which billow from the instrument as he plays. Snoopy climbed trees at least five times—once to rescue Schroeder's piano, once to rescue Linus's blanket, once to see a "strange creature" in Woodstock's nest which turned out to be an egg, once after Frieda's cat Faron, and once with Charlie Brown, Schroeder, and an unnamed Peanuts kid. He fell out of the tree almost every time. (Note: In his "vulture" persona and when visiting Woodstock's nest, Snoopy was depicted in trees many times.). Snoopy Cartoon Picture 4. Snoopy cartoon images gallery 4. Snoopy cartoon pictures collection 4.



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