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Cartman (Picture 3)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cartman Cartoon Picture 3
Cartman Cartoon Picture 3
image dimensions : 752 x 564
Cartman (picture 3). Cartman cartoon pictures gallery. Cartman cartoon images collection. Cartman thrives on achieving ascendancy over others, and exerts his will by demagogy and by demanding that others "Respect my authoritah!", accentuating the last syllable of "authority" and pronouncing it He has shown initiative in taking a businesslike approach to earning money, starting his own "hippie control" and "parental revenge" operations. Cartman's anti-Semitism, while mostly limited to mocking Kyle, culminates in the season eight (2004) episode "The Passion of the Jew". In the episode, Cartman, after watching The Passion of the Christ numerous times, deifies the film's director, Mel Gibson, and starts an official Gibson fan club, praising Gibson for "trying to express—through cinema—the horror and filthiness of the common Jew". Cartman's interpretation of the film influences him to dress up as Adolf Hitler and lead other fan club members (who are oblivious of Cartman's actual intentions) in a failed effort to engage in a systematic genocide of the Jews similar to that of the Final Solution. In the season 10 (2006) episode "Smug Alert!", Cartman anonymously saves Kyle's life in an effort to get him and his family to return to South Park from San Francisco, revealing that he craves the animosity shared between the two. Cartman (picture 3). Cartman cartoon pictures gallery. Cartman cartoon images collection. Upon hearing his classmates tell him that they hold him in the lowest regard possible, a stubborn Cartman misinterprets this act as their attempt to make him feel better, and obstinately convinces himself that everyone thinks he is the "coolest kid in school". In the season 13 (2009) episode "Fishsticks", Cartman subconsciously believes that he solely created a joke that quickly becomes a nationwide sensation, despite the fact that the character Jimmy Valmer writes the joke without any assistance. Carlos Delgado of If Magazine noted this as "Cartman being so egotistical that he manipulates the past to serve his own purposes". In the season 14 saga that culminates with "Coon vs. Coon and Friends", Cartman joins forces with the dark lord Cthulhu (whom he insists upon crediting as merely "Coon's friend") and destroys everything he hates (synagogues, Whole Foods Market outlets, hippies at the Burning Man festival, and Justin Bieber) because he apparently believes he is making the world a better place. Cartman (picture 3). Cartman cartoon pictures gallery. Cartman cartoon images collection.



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